Who I Am and What I Do

I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Registered Nurse. I worked in the hospital for over 16 years before making the shift to Eastern medicine. My background and education is a combination of allopathic, holistic and energy sciences. I use this foundation to help others heal themselves on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

I’m a child of immigrant parents and spent my younger life navigating two different worlds. While I achieved a path here in Western medicine, my cultural traditions remained in the background. After obtaining my degree, I worked as a nurse in both hospital and community settings - acquiring knowledge in preventative, emergent and bedside care.  In my practice it has become apparent that medicine is not a one size fits all science nor is there one correct way to help an individual. 

As one of my teachers explained, none of us are in the profession by chance. He stated that a path in Ayurveda was not something that we personally found but rather that Ayurveda had found each and every one of us. 


Ayurveda came to me at a pivotal point in my life. I had become blind to my own physical and mental health needs. I was shocked that my Western medicine knowledge or training was not able to help me navigate what I was experiencing. I did not realize the level of healing I was walking into when I started my own personal journey with Ayurveda. 


Ayurveda has led me to myself. The journey was simple but not easy.  This transformation has touched me so deeply that I am now guiding others through similar journeys to well-being.


  • One-on-One consultation

  • Achieving optimal health

  • Customized herbal blends

  • Women’s health and pregnancy 

  • Addiction recovery support

  • Chronic illness care (Diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)

  • Weight loss

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle suggestions

  • Vedic coaching

  • Empower you to tune into yourself and make conscious decisions

  • Personalized timely responses

  • Berkeley office, home visits, or Zoom appointments

  • Accountability and support

  • Secure information privacy

  • Compassionate, non judgemental healing space

  • Webinars & Free community videos