This questionnaire is to help figure out your innate constitution or “Prakriti.” Prakriti is the inherent nature you are born with and have throughout your lifetime. Prakriti is made up of the three doshas known as vata, pitta and kapha.

Vata is known as the air element and is the principle of movement. Pitta is the fire energy and is the energy of transformation. Kapha is synonymous with Earth and is seen as stability. One can be one dosha or a combination of the doshas.

Please answer each question with the BEST possible answer. Sometimes, more than one answer will apply since we have all three doshas within us. However, it is best to think about your answer as it applies over your whole lifetime - not just as you see yourself now.

Please take your time to choose your answers and it can be helpful to have someone who is close to reflect back to you the best possible answer.

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How often do you have a bowel movement?
How would you describe your digestion?
I can sometimes suffer from:
I could possibly describe myself as:
When it comes to movement I am:
How would you describe your walking style?
What kind of dreams do you have most?
What are your initial emotions in a stressful experience?